MT-PEC Summit - Strategic Governance | Transformational Leadership
Start Date 08/14/2018 08:00 AM
End Date 08/15/2019 04:00 PM
Address MTSBA Headquarters. 863 Great Northern Boulevard. Suite 301. Helena, MT 59601

August 14-15, 2018


Kick-Off for the Joint Leadership Team Standards, Training and Certification Initiative

A Collaborative Project of the Public Education Advocacy Organizations Partnering in The Montana Public Education Center (MT-PEC)

The organizations partnering in the Montana Public Education Center have partnered to bring our members an exclusive fee-free training opportunity to improve trust, governance, and leadership in Montana’s public schools. 

We are looking for an initial group of enthusiastic, innovative and dedicated leadership teams from up to 20 school districts who are interested in increasing internal and external trust, and improving governance, leadership and education in your district, built on a model of collaboration and cooperation that has strengthened the performance of each of our respective groups through participation in the Montana Public Education Center.

We will be kicking off what will be a year-long professional development series with our Summit for Strategic Governance and Transformational Leadership on August 14-15 at MTSBA headquarters in Helena Montana.  This year-long professional development series will be offered to participating districts fee-free, with participating districts responsible only for their cost of travel, lodging, and meals. Please see attached agenda for schedule.

Your Leadership Team Needs to Make the Commitment!
It begins with participation from at least the following leaders in your school district, not to exceed seven total team members.
  1. School Board Chair or designee (who must be a trustee)
  2. Superintendent
  3. School District Clerk
  4. At least one School Building Principal
  5. The Teacher’s Union President or Designee

The initiative sounds pretty good, right?  This will REQUIRE that your Leadership Team commit to this Summit and this process for the upcoming year.  We are looking for 100% commitment from all teams that attend. The journey begins August 14-15, 2018 and continues throughout the year. This is an investment that will have profound effects for years to come.  If you register your Leadership Team and either cancel before August 14 or if the REQUIRED team members do not attend, there will be a $1,000 cancellation/non-conformance fee.  This is an important initiative that is intended to transform your leadership team and substantially improve the culture and climate in your school district.  As such, the cancellation fee is not intended to be punitive; rather given the limitation on the number of districts that will be participating in this unique professional development opportunity, if you register and do not carry through with the commitment from your entire leadership team, some other District that could have participated will not have the opportunity.




MT-PEC Summit Agenda.pdf