2023 School Finance 2.0 and More Forum
Start Date 04/13/2023 08:30 AM
End Date 04/14/2023 11:30 AM
Address Hilton, University of Florida Conference Center. 1714 SW 34th Street. Gainesville, FL 32607
FSBA is pleased to offer School Finance 2.0 and More. This forum digs a little deeper into the financing of school programs. Topics such as instructional unit placements, performance based pay and a more in-depth look at local funding will be covered. Our presenters - Gretchen Saunders, Chief Financial Officer, St. Johns School District, Leanne Evans, CTP, Treasurer, Palm Beach County School District, and Scott Ward, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Lake County School District - have a wealth of knowledge that they look forward to sharing with you.